Welcome to JNVT Alumni Association

The alumni association of JNV Tumakuru established in 2000, strives to develop connections among alumni and the students to strengthen their commitment towards the community of Alumni and Vidyalaya.

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With a mission to serve alumni, students and vidyalaya, JNVT Alumni Association fosters communication and relationships among alumni, students and staff. JNVT Alumni Association has a strong commitment to the principle of growing together. In that spirit, we are particularly interested in recognizing the broad spectrum of people in our alumni body and creating an inclusive environment to meet the needs of the students and the peer members. We develop alumni contributions of volunteer and financial support in order to nurture the unique educational experience of the Vidyalaya by directing gifts to various needs of the students, infrastructure of the Vidyalaya and for alumni members as well.

Not just monetarily, JNVT Alumni Association also works to bring the job seekers and entrepreneurs from alumni community onto the common platform so that we help each other to grow in our respective careers.